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Yoga at Work
(Corporate Yoga)

Your Mind and Body connection to Wellness
Bring the Benefits of Yoga into Your Workplace

Yoga is an ancient discipline offering practical, accessible techniques for reducing physical and mental stress. Participants in the sessions conducted by Yoga Variations will learn various tools that center around yoga postures and breathing techniques to train individuals to become aware of how, when and where tension begins and how it effects  the body, mind, and emotions. The methods will help employees stay focused on the task at hand and maintain a clear perspective.

One of the major challenges facing employers today is maintaining a staff that is both motivated and genuinely content with the working environment.  Through "Yoga At Work" programs, we at
Yoga Variations  would like to give employees the opportunity to rejuvenate and relax during their lunch hour or after work and are offering onsite yoga classes.

Benefits of YOGA / Corporate Benefits:
Improved flexibility
Increased productivity
Improved breathing
Increased concentration
Decreased tension/anxiety
Less sick time/absences

Our "Yoga At Work" program offers a variety of class options:

On-Site Yoga Classes (click here for the flyer Page 1 & Page 2)
Classes are generally scheduled after work or during lunch hours
Designed for all levels- beginners through advanced
Classes are typically 45 to 90 minutes in length
Sign on for 8 or 12-week segments

Stress Management Workshops:
Meditation techniques
Exercises to quiet anxiety and focus the mind
Exercises and stretches to relieve muscular tension at your desk
Workshops can vary in length from 1 to 3 hours

Please consult Yoga Variations  for programs designed to meet your needs.

"Yoga in conjunction with meditation can indeed relieve stress and improve work performance."

Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center

"Yoga is a very powerful tool of stress management"

Dr. Dean Ornish

"Fifteen million Americans include some form of yoga in their fitness regimen- twice as many as did five years ago."

Time Magazine